DC Launches “Forever Evil”

DC Comics has launched Villain Month this month, releasing one-shot issues of the most famous villains from their franchises. The first round of issues was released yesterday. I picked up Joker #1 and Two-Face #1. The Joker was very disappointing, but featured some breathtaking artwork. Two-Face was a stronger effort, and also contained equally beautiful art. But the purchase I’m most proud of is the first issue of Forever Evil.

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Small World is Big Fun

Small World

Do you know how playing a game of Risk can last a few days? Well screw that. Small World let’s you conquer the world in under an hour, and let’s you do so as a sorcerer, a wizard, an elf, or 11 other choices!

Small World comes with four different game boards that are specifically designed for a certain number of players (2-5 players). Begin the game by selecting a race, that has a randomly shuffled special power attached to it. With 14 races to choose from and 20 different special powers, Small World is endlessly replayable and really puts an emphasis on critical thinking and strategy. Conquer as much of the map as you can with your first race, collect coins, and then when you can’t do any more, put your race into decline and select a whole new race to conquer with! The player with the most coins at the end of the game wins!

You can find out more about Small World on the Days of Wonder website.